Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Q and A

1) What should the flag of the world look like?
2) What career would you imagine Rev Dr David Adamovich to have?
3) Can you name a terrible place to live?
4) What would you call the unholy offspring of a person and a chimpanzee?

1) The flag of the world should look like this:

It's an average of all the flags in the world, with the weighting provided by population. I approve of the design, I don't approve of statistics. Ever. Find out more here.

2) If you were a very good imaginer, you might imagine him to be one of the world's most accomplished knife throwers. A man of god, he might also, in your fertile wonderings, also run a wedding business on the side. Your guess would have the virtue of being correct.

3) Yes you can. Cité Soleil, Haiti.

4) You might call it a humanzee, if you were interested. You might also be interested to know that several experiments have been undertaken to create such a monstrosity, and that it is theoretically possible. You sicko.


Matt McGrath said...


In fact, Michael Critchton's most recent book, Next, featured a humanzee. It was very ridiculous. Personally I was more a fan of the supremely smart talking African Grey Parrot.

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