Monday, 19 October 2009

Neal Stephenson Possibly Kicks it out of the Park

I think that my co-author and I speak with one voice when it comes to praising the virtues of Neal Stephenson. Equally at home writing about the past, present and future, and filling every book with provocative, important ideas (Google Earth? Cheers for that one Neal. Avatars? Well the jury's still out as to whether they're a good thing, but Neal certainly coined the term).
Anyway, if there has ever been a reason that I miss living in Ontario, it's this conference/festival. Luckily for me (and Matt) the talks are all online. I haven't been able to find 75 min to watch this clip of NS, Lee Smolin (author of the excellent The Trouble With Physics) and Jaron Lanier (general purpose artificial reality pioneer/crusty cyber-hippie), but I would stake my reputation on it being mind-meltingly awesome. Get it here!


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