Tuesday, 13 October 2009


So, the real problem here has been coming up with a first post that will say something about what is coming up without understating the probable impact, or overstating the amount that the world is going to change by simply having this blog in it. Finally it hit me and I assure you that it wasn't just the impatience. The impact is going to be akin to a bullet hitting various things, and the things are going to explode in beautiful ways like shattered flowers. And when they don't explode like shattered flowers, they are going to rip and shred like the scales that will fall from your eyes when they are exposed to the power of our truths. And when they do none of the above, our truth-bullets will simply liquefy, leaving only metallic drops floating silently and majestically to earth. Behold:

Also, like this video, our blog will best be enjoyed under the influence of your consciousness expander of choice. In this case I recommend Duvel, balls to the wall belgian craftsmanship. If you believe in such a thing. Most of all, enjoy!


Matt Hodson said...

One wonders what 'balls to the wall' means...

Oh, and: Rock on! I like shattered flowers.

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