Monday, 26 October 2009

Welcome to the Future

It is my considered opinion that the human race is doomed. Soon we're going to be overrun by super-intelligent computers created by pasty scientists in green-tinted labs, who are, as we speak, crossing lines in the pursuit of knowledge that no man should consider even approaching. These silicon brains will, ideally, be encased in indestructable metal bodies, which will ruthlessly crush their erstwhile human masters underfoot.

Sadly, though, we have a while to wait until that happens. In the meantime, everyone is welcome to enjoy the happy fruits of the pursuit of truths better left undiscovered. One of those fruits (I'd put it on the level of a pineapple, or, at a push, a mango) is augmented reality. This means exactly what it sounds like it means. It's reality, but with bolt-on extras. Think Firefox plug-ins for your pathetic meat-based senses. Obviously the technology is still in its infancy, so no terminator style threat-identifying vision yet. You can, however, take a picture of a restaurant with your iPhone, and magically receive reviews and menus immediately. It's not a slab of refreshing transistors implanted directly into the soft grey tissue of your frontal cortex, but I guess it's a start.

More info here, and loads more than even I know what to do with here.


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