Monday, 23 November 2009

Best Job in the World

According to some kind of study, the best job in the world is the one which the authors of this blog scrambled so hard to avoid, mathematician. You can even see their methodology here. It's obviously flawed, because everyone knows the best job in the world is Neal Stephenson, followed closely by wildlife photographer where you get to do amazing things like get taught to hunt penguins by enormous leopard seals. Observe:


Matt McGrath said...

That's so awesome!

Kristen Grennan said...

Woah. Thats incredible!!! Speaking of best jobs, that makes me think of that extreme adventure Best Job in the World contest from last year where the guy got to live on an Australian island for 6 months doing adventure stuff and got paid! Theres a new best job, called 'The Second Best Job in the World' for those a little less adventuresome (ie: me)... you should def check it out! you get paid to travel the world and go shopping for a month! doesnt sound too shabby to me!

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