Tuesday, 3 November 2009

William Gibson: No Maps for these Territories

Last week, when I was browsing in the library's DVD collection, I found a documentary about seminal cyberpunk author William Gibson. I took it out, hoping that it would be an interesting look at how the future looked in 1999 and that that would provide me with some cheap laughs. I was disappointed on the laughs front, and there is no good excuse for putting Bono in a film, but the film was a thoughtful and entertaining look at writing and, more specifically, about writing about the future. Gibson says that he and, he thinks, most people are happiest living 10 years behind the bleeding edge of progress. I think that as things start moving faster and faster, the number of years will increase until most people think that they would be happiest inhabiting a time before they were born. And perhaps they'll be right. Check out the movie on IMDB.


Matt McGrath said...

Freaky, we were writing posts at the same time!

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