Monday, 16 November 2009

Found in Space

In pushing out from our natal world, reaching for the unknown and the unknowable, we expected to find nothing. In prodding at our own boundaries, we expected confirmation of our uniqueness and privilege. Decade by lightning decade we sent magnificent ships, and when they returned, much later, they were full of stories of nothing, of dead worlds and chemistry. With the Great Return, though, we have moved beyond these childish times, this infancy of our species. We have seen beyond knowing, yet we think not on what we have found, but on what we have all lost.


Matt McGrath said...

This is interesting. Did you write this yourself? What exactly do you mean (for those of us not smart enough to immediately comprehend)?

Nick James said...

Yeah, I wrote that. I think that if we ever found intelligent life out there, out humanicentric egos would be so screwed we would just break down.

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