Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Time Travel Tips III

"I know! I'll learn some of the timeless songs of the Beatles, and become the greatest bard the world has ever seen!"
I'm sure that you're expecting adoration instant and unreserved love from all, as soon as you get through the first 3 bars of Love Me Do. For the record, I think this one is actually a fairly good plan, with only one significant drawback: People in 1960 thought the Beatles were "out there", imagine what the people in 1360 will think. I propose that rather than swimming in pools of peasant girls, you will instead be burnt alive. On a stake. Plus, where are you going to find nickel-wound strings in the 14th century?


Matt McGrath said...

You are indeed picking out all the right ideas!

The other problem is the lack of medium to proliferate the music... But it would be sweet...

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