Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas Reading List

This year my family is no longer buying books for each other that will never be read. Now we provide each other with reading lists from which the relations can select titles to buy as presents. Sensible? I think so. Here's mine:

"Nausea" - Jean Paul Satre
"The Crack-Up" - F. Scott Fitzgerald
"The Butterfly and the Tank" - Ernest Hemingway
"Endymion" - John Keats
"The Last Tycoon" - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Poems by Christina Rossetti
"Phaedra" - Jean Racine
"The History of Love" - Nicole Krauss
"Don Quixote" - Miguel de Cervantes
"Birdsong" - Sebastian Faulks
"Embers" - Sandor Marai
A biography of Richard Burton

So, who does this list make me?


Nick James said...

Someone from the 1940s?

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